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In research in Kentucky, corn yield on extremely compacted no-till soil was only 2 percent of that in uncompacted soil in the first year after compaction Figure 8. Remarkably, the yields bounced back without tillage to 85 percent the second year after compaction and stabilized at approximately 93 percent after that. This shows the resilience of no-till soils due to biological factors, but Erosion - Various - Heavy Comp Is Heavy: Volume One (File) also shows that compaction can cause very significant short- and long-term yield losses in no-till.

Capriccio Espagnol Op.34 7. Soil compaction can result in significant yield losses in no-till.

One-hundred percent of the field was compacted with a ton manure truck with psi inflated tires. Penn State Trial in Centre County. Figure 8. Corn yield reduction due to severe compaction in the top 12 inches of a long-term no-till soil in Kentucky. Murdock, L. In this section we will review the effects of soil compaction on soil physical, chemical, and biological properties, as well as on crop growth and health.

The most direct effect of soil compaction is an increase in the bulk density of soil. Optimum bulk densities for soils depend on the soil texture Table 1.

Whenever the bulk density exceeds a certain level, root growth is restricted. A note of caution must be made here in respect to the effects of tillage on bulk density. No-till soils often have a higher bulk density than recently tilled soils. However, because of higher organic matter content in the topsoil and greater biological activity, the structure of a no-till soil may be more favorable for root growth than that of a cultivated soil, despite the higher bulk density.

Due to the increase in bulk density, the porosity of soil decreases. Large pores called macroporesessential for water and air movement in soil, are primarily affected by soil compaction. Research has suggested that most plant roots need more than 10 percent air-filled porosity to thrive. The number of days with adequate percentage of air-filled porosity will be reduced due to compaction, negatively affecting root growth and function. It is important to note that tilling compacted soils makes them more susceptible to recompaction.

In one study, the total porosity and macroporosity of a pasture was compared to that of a plow pan in arable soil. In one case, the plow pan had never been broken up with subsoiling, whereas in the other case the plow pan had been broken up, but the pan had reformed after years of normal field traffic and tillage.

The results illustrate the reduction of large pores in the plow pan and the worst condition of the recompacted plow pan Figure 9. A long-term no-till soil that has not been subjected to compaction would be in a similar state as the pasture soil.

Figure 9. Total porosity and macroporosity were Erosion - Various - Heavy Comp Is Heavy: Volume One (File) reduced in an original and a subsoiled but subsequently recompacted plow pan compared to an uncompacted pasture Adapted from Kooistra, M. Root penetration is limited if roots encounter much resistance.

Research on completely disturbed soil packed to different densities has shown that root growth decreases linearly with penetration resistance starting at psi until root growth completely stops at psi Figure Penetration resistance is a better indicator of the effects of soil compaction on root growth than bulk density because results can be interpreted independent of soil texture.

More information on penetration resistance can be found in Diagnosing Soil Compaction Using a Penetrometer soil compaction tester. Figure Relationship between penetration resistance and root penetration. Adapted from Taylor, H. Roberson, and J. Soil compaction destroys soil structure and leads to a more massive soil structure with fewer natural voids Figure In a pasture soil similar to a no-till soil that has not been tilled for a long timethe soil structure is very well developed due to effects of increased organic matter and the fine root systems of grasses.

Even if exposed to rainfall, such a soil will not wash away because the aggregates are very stable and infiltration is high. Pores can be seen below the topsoil because of the action of soil animals such as earthworms and roots.

In tilled soil with plow pan, however, the structure of the topsoil is much weaker. Raindrops hitting the surface will quickly form a seal that becomes a crust upon drying. Infiltration will decrease rapidly on this soil. Below the depth of tillage a pan developed that is very dense, and below the depth of plowing few pores created by soil animals and decomposed roots are visible.

Subsoiling the plow pan helps, but it does not improve soil structure Figure To improve soil structure, stimulating soil biological activity by reducing tillage and increasing the inputs of organic matter is necessary.

Soil compaction damages soil structure, and tillage does little to improve it. Adapted from Kooistra, M. Soil contains a tremendous number of organisms. They can be classified into micro- meso- and macrofauna small, medium, and large sized. Bacteria and fungi are important microfauna in soil that live on organic matter or on living plants. An acre of grass- land contains 0. The same soil contains approximately 10 tons of living grass roots and 40 tons of Austin Leeds Feat.

Jason Caesar - Close Your Eyes (Laidback Luke Remix) (File, MP3) organic matter. Most bacteria and fungi perform useful functions such as the decomposition of plant residues, release of nutrients, and formation of aggregates.

Some bacteria such as rhizobia provide nitrogen to plants. Some fungi live in symbiosis with plant roots, facilitating the uptake of immobile nutrients such as phosphorus and potassium. Only few bacteria and fungi have negative effects e. Bacteria and fungi are at the bottom of the soil food web Figure They are fed upon by other organisms such as protozoa, nematodes, and arthropods some nematodes feed on plant rootswhich are fed on by bigger soil animals. Having a greater diversity of soil organisms helps keep the "bad" bugs under control because predators may also be numerous.

The soil food web. Soil compaction affects the habitat of soil organisms by reducing pore size and changing the physical soil environment. The smallest organisms such as bacteria and fungi can live in pores that are not easily compacted.

Even protozoa are very small and are not likely to be affected directly by compaction. Nematodes, on the other hand, will most likely be reduced in number by soil compaction because their pore space might be reduced. This could affect both the "bad" root-feeding and the "good" fungal- and bacterial-feeding nematodes. Because compaction can reduce the population of fungal- and bacterial-feeding nematodes, it is feasible that the bacterial population increases with compaction because there are fewer predators.

Another effect of compaction on soil biota is indirect. Due to slower percolation of water in compacted soil, prolonged periods of saturated conditions can occur. Certain soil organisms then start to use nitrate instead of oxygen, and denitrification occurs. Certain anaerobic bacteria release hydrogen sulfide rotten egg-smell typical of swamps. This gas is toxic to many plants.

In general, organic matter decomposition will be slower in compacted soils, and less biological activity will occur. Larger soil animals meso- and macrofauna are also affected by soil compaction.

Nonburrowing animals such as mites, springtails, and fly larvae will have an especially difficult time living in compacted Erosion - Various - Heavy Comp Is Heavy: Volume One (File). Burrowing animals such as earthworms, termites, ants, and beetles can defend themselves better but will still suffer negative effects. In a study in Australia, compaction of wet soil with a ton axle load decreased total macrofauna numbers.

Earthworms decreased fromto 8, per acre due to Spaghettis À St-Germain - Marcel Zanini - Peu De Choses (CD, Album) compaction Table 2. Compaction of dry soil with 6-ton axle load did not have a negative effect on macrofauna. Earthworm tunnel creation was reduced in soils with high bulk density, indicating reduced earthworm activity Figure Soil compaction reduces earthworm tunneling.

Rushton, S. Soil organisms are extremely important for soil productivity and environmental functions, especially in no-till. Therefore, the reduction of biological activity due to compaction is of great concern. Fortunately, higher biological activity in no-till soils also helps them recover from compaction more quickly than tilled soils.

To guarantee high soil productivity, however, avoiding soil compaction is necessary. Soil compaction causes a decrease in large pores called macroporesresulting in a much lower water infiltration rate into soil, as well as a decrease in saturated hydraulic conductivity. Saturated hydraulic conductivity is the movement of water through soil when the soil is totally saturated with water.

Unsaturated hydraulic conductivity is the movement of water in soil that is not saturated. Unsaturated hydraulic conductivity sometimes increases due to compaction. Unsaturated hydraulic conductivity is important when water has to move to roots. Thus, compacted soils are sometimes not as drought sensitive as uncompacted soils--assuming the root system is of equal size in both cases, which is usually not the case.

Typically, the net effect of compaction is that crops become more easily Erosion - Various - Heavy Comp Is Heavy: Volume One (File) by drought because of a small root system. In an experiment on grassland, the macropore volume of RPH4 soil was half that of uncompacted soil Table 3.

The air permeability and infiltration rate were reduced dramatically. Reduced aeration and increased runoff will be the result. With venues from Alabama to Wyoming — you should find an F-Class program not too far from home.

The list, in Excel spreadsheet format, provides range locations and weblinks where Jubilation - Barbra Streisand - Butterfly (Cassette, Album). Click the link below to download the F-Class Range List. Note — this list, now in its 20th Revision, is augmented regularly, but info is still being gathered.

No claim is made that the list is comprehensive. If you know of a range that should be added to the list, please post the location on our F-Class Range List Forum thread.

Rod will update the list as new range info is received. Emil Kovan is one of the top F-Class shooters in the world. He is a great shooter and a great gun-builder as well. I have known Alex Sitman for many years, and use his stocks exclusively, but was not very familiar with his new Low Profile F-Open stock. After a brief conversation with Alex, I placed an order, and had the stock inletted and bedded at my shop in a month. I bolted the barreled action in, and squeezed the end of the forearm and barrel together, the stock flexed a little bit, but not as much as other designs that I have tested.

That makes the stock stiffer in the vertical plane, reducing the hinging effect forward of the action. Interestingly, I found that the multiple layers of paint and clearcoat stiffened the stock up quite a bit. Lower center of gravity equals less torqueand that is very important when shooting heavy bullets in fast twist barrels. Another significant improvement is that the toe of the stock is flat and parallel to the forearm.

One of the biggest reasons why I like Master Class stocks, is the pistol grip. The new Master Class Low Profile stock shares the same grip as the old model. This design versatility is one reason I recommend Master Class stocks. Shooters may experiment with either shooting style to find what suits them best.

What is. Tuning Loads for the. My match load clocks at fps with single-digit ES. Note —I selected that load based on accuracyNOT raw speed. A lot of novice or hard-headed shooters make the mistake to push their cartridges to the max, and disregard more accurate loads at lower velocity. The sport of F-Class is rapidly growing, and the equipment used is improving constantly.

I remember that only few years ago, an F-Open rifle that could shoot sub-one-inch of vertical at yards was considered competitive. Now, we are pursuing sub-one-inch vertical at yards! It takes a great rifle to approach that goal, but it is also up to the Freedom Is My Way - Kheops (5) - Le ;Rock Group; Français.

(Vinyl, LP, Album) to learn and experiment as much as possible in order to achieve success. Dies for an Improved. When searching for custom dies, it almost seems like that the odds are stacked against us. The most common problem is wait-time — custom die orders can take months to be completed. Also, most custom die makers want you to send them two or three cases, each fire-formed three times.

I find that funny because if could somehow properly size the cases for three fire-forming cycles, I would not need a sizing die. This made the extraction of fired cases very difficult. I feel that the best option if available for shooters interested in wildcat chambers is to have their gunsmiths make the dies. I offer that die-making service in addition to barrel chambering. These are all very well-made and suitable for F-Class. I prefer these because because of their size large bedding footprint smoothness, timing, options available, and last but not least visual appearance.

Trigger: I recommend and use Jewell triggers. Barrel: Duane made another good choice here. He decided to go with a Brux If you look at the F-Class and Long Range benchrest equipment lists, you will see that cut-rifled barrels are currently dominating.

Many records have been shot with both button-rifled, and cut-rifled barrels. I have shot both, and prefer cut-rifled barrels.

I am not saying that button-rifled barrels are not capable of shooting as well as cut-rifled barrels, but on average, in my experience, four out of five cut-rifled barrels from top makers will shoot well, vs. Brux Barrels is not the only company that produces very accurate cut-rifled barrels. This optic is ultra clear, reasonably lightweight 28 oz.

The DDR-2 has a heavier horizontal line, with a center dot. March scopes are also very popular and very well-made. Emil Kovan Competition History:. There are hundreds of cartridge types capable of winning in F-Open. For F-TR you can shoot either the. This article will focus on proven choices, currently used by the top F-Class shooters in the world. Click image to view full-screen photo. For starters, a. So what is ideal, and why? F-Class Mid-Range matches usually are usually shot at, or yards — or all three.

At those distances the 6mm and 6. In moderate conditions, the 6mm Dasher is unbeatable. Its low recoil along with its super grouping ability and good ballistics make it my number one choice for Mid-Range. Best powders are: Varget, H, and Reloder The 6. I was able to easily get fps with hybrids and H If I had to pick one cartridge for F-Class both mid- and long-range I would pick the. It offers great barrel life, it is Let It All Hang Out (Pete Rock Remix) - A.D.O.R.

- Let It All Hang Out (Vinyl) to tune and its recoil is very manageable. The best bullets for it by far in my opinionare the Berger Hybrids. Best powders for the. If you look at a. Big accuracy windows allow loads to perform well in different conditions and geographical locations. It resembles a 6BR on steroids and it is almost as easy to tune. In F-TR competition, the choice is clear — a. Many championships have been won, and many records set with those two bullets in the. The Berger gr Hybrids have been used to win many competitions including recently the F-Class Nationals.

Furthermore, the recoil increase with heavier bullets is substantial, causing the rifle to be more difficult to shoot. On paper the 90gr VLD will shoot inside most. But in reality, on average, the. As I said in the beginning, many cartridge types are capable of winning but are not listed due to their low popularity, case design, or lack of quality components. All of the above information is based on my personal experience and it is meant to help new shooters choose the right cartridges for F-Class matches.

Thanks for reading and good luck — Emil Kovan. With the U. This is the. Enjoy this trip back in time to when the. Charles Ballard always used eye and ear protection. For these photos, he removed safety glasses. This rifle project began several years ago. My purpose was to find a cartridge that would launch the high-BC, gr 7mm bullets at competitive velocities for F-Class competition. I also sought barrel life that would be far superior to that of a 7mm WSM or 6.

I read the article on 6mmBR. After speaking with Mr. This gun has more than exceeded my expectations, winning matches and setting a new yard, single-target F-Class National Record X. Rifle Specifications—All the Hardware My action of choice was a beefy 1. I also liked the fact that the MB medium long front action offered an extended front end. This would provide better support for a very long barrel and give more bedding surface. Housed in a polished, stainless BAT trigger guard is a Jewel trigger set at 5 ounces.

The chamber was cut with a reamer made for Lapua 6. The purple. This stock features a fully-adjustable buttplate plus a removable cheek-piece with thumb-wheel adjustment. Most importantly, the stock features an extra-long, super-stiff, low profile fore-end. This design rides the bags better than any stock I have ever shot.

The first order of business was to get the action ordered, knowing how long it would take to get a BAT left bolt, right port action, plus scope rail, and trigger guard. We knew we wanted a Broughton 5C, but what twist rate? A dummy round was sent to Pacific Tool and Gauge to have a reamer ground to our specs. Not shooting free recoil, I needed a stock that would fit me like a prone stock but track like a benchrest stock. Ray keeps Jewell triggers Sheeps Blood - Religeron - 2 Song Sampler (CDr) stock so the only piece left to acquire was the scope.

I considered the Leupold competition scopes but ultimately decided on the Nightforce BR. The variable power and unobstructed DD-1 reticle of the NF were deciding factors. For these posed photos, he removed his safety glasses. In this section, Charles Ballard explains the basics of shooting an F-Class match, from the initial prep period to end of match. He covers sighter strategies and techniques for record fire, and he also explains, in detail, how he dopes the wind and judges hold-offs based on mirage.

Three-Minute Prep Period I spend the first part of my 3-minute prep period making sure my front rest and rear bag are in-line. This insures the gun returns to the same spot after recoil. After I am happy with my set-up, I take a position similar to that of a conventional prone shooter. My face rests on the stock and my shoulder is placed firmly into the buttplate. The last segment of prep time is spent trying to dope the wind. In matches with unlimited sighters, I generally hold dead center with a no-wind zero and use the point of impact as feedback.

If I feel there is a constant condition, I will click for the wind. This allows me to use the center as my primary hold. Record Fire After record fire begins I shoot very fast, holding off for the wind. I predominantly shoot and adjust my aim based on mirage. If I have Silhouette - Kenny G (2) - Live (Vinyl, LP) conditions, I will remove all wind from the scope, slow down, use the flags and mirage, still holding off.

I do this because I have never had success waiting on a condition to come back. Cleaning Procedures I do not clean until the match is over. This means I typically shoot to rounds on average between barrel cleanings.

I quit cleaning every relay after reading Mr. After getting in late one Saturday night, I forgot to clean my rifle. I remembered this as I was preparing to shoot the first relay Sunday morning. At the time I was shooting a WSM. The same has proven true of my. I use Bore Tech Eliminator on three patches, then follow with a wet nylon brush.

These steps are repeated until the bore is spotless. I then push one wet patch of Eliminator through the bore and leave it. Load Development and Accuracy Testing My philosophy on load development differs from many shooters. Holding elevation in F-Class is crucial. Uniform velocity gives me more consistent vertical point of impact.

We loaded From this point we worked up in half-grain increments until pressure signs developed at fps. Then we backed the powder charge down until the bolt lift was smooth and the primers were nice and round. We mourn his passing. After trying Federal m primers, CCI BR-2 primers, light tension, heavy tension, jamming, jumping, we settled on We ran about. At the end he holds the Oehler Chrono up to the camera so you can view the readout yourself.

Seeing is believing! I encountered vertical, vertical, and more vertical. Turns out this was my fault. I had used the ball expander in the die to neck the cases up from 6. Big Mistake!

Lesson learned: use an expander when necking-up the brass! This step was performed on the cases for the next match and it corrected the problem, as I lost no points to elevation. On Saturday my. Eventually, at the end of my last string, the gun blew a few primers. Luckily, however, it was still shooting very well.

On the following Monday, we went back to the test bench and chrono. To my surprise At this point the barrel had rounds through it. I started calling anyone I could thing of to see if they had any idea what could be causing this problem.

Nobody I spoke with had ever experienced this problem until I spoke with a very knowledgeable F-Class shooter named Andy Amber. Andy informed me that this had happened to him with several rifles. For whatever reason, between to rounds, as the barrel gets broken-in, the velocity climbs significantly.

Andy told me if I loaded back to the previous velocity, in his experience, it would stay there. Andy was spot on. My load came back together with The Oehler consistently gave me readings of fps to fps with an SD of 4 fps using once-fired brass. New brass gave slightly slower velocity but better numbers: ES of 7 to 9 fps, and SD of 2 to 3 fps. All this data was duplicated on several occasions. Second, revenue has also been impacted by the slower than anticipated ramp on the Census contract.

We continue to expect the Census contract will progress through the My Rules (Late Night Lounge Mix) - Patria - My Rules (CD) phase and reach revenue levels in line with previous disclosures. And lastly, the remaining balance of the revenue shortfall in fiscal has been due to lower volumes across several contracts in the portfolio.

On the bottom line, we now expect to achieve the top end of our original guidance range. This is primarily attributable to strong operating performance in our U. Additionally, we now expect to achieve the top end of our cash flow guidance for both cash flow for operations and free cash flow.

As a reminder, our cash flow can fluctuate depending on the timing of collections. As we look toward fiscalwe are currently progressing through our strategic planning process. As a part of the process, we make decisions internally regarding allocation of resources in areas of potential investments, with the goal of cultivating future shareholder value.

Along with this process, we are also internally establishing a preliminary view for fiscal As you know, MAXIMUS operates a large portfolio of contracts and the nature of the business is that we will always have puts and takes in the overall model.

Each quarter we complete a bottoms-up review. This analysis is the basis of our forecasting model and guidance each quarter. But significant fluctuations to these model inputs can certainly impact actual financial results. We work hard to manage those things that are within our control, and we have a strong risk mitigation strategy that, for the most part, allows us to modify certain terms and conditions and contracts within reason.

But the effects of currency or unforeseen changes to a contract, such as lower volumes or change in customer priorities, can cause erosion that can have a meaningful impact. Those would be the types of items that are largely outside of our control.

Nevertheless, we thought it would be helpful to provide the investment community with some color on our early thinking with regards to fiscal based on what we know today. And with that, I will turn the call over to Bruce. While we have revised our revenue outlook for fiscal to reflect the issues Rick noted, we are seeing growth opportunities over the long term. To capitalize on this, our strategic plan offers multiple paths forward through three key pillars.

First is digital transformation or a cultural shift as we think about digital disruption within the government services market and new models for citizen engagement and operational efficiencies. Market-leading applications, advanced analytics and digital automation enhance our competitive position, enable new solution offerings and improve overall service delivery across our operations. Second, clinical evolution. As we see macro trends that drive demand for BPO services with a more clinical dimension, we maintain the foundation of our business operating customer engagement centers and providing case management services.

Third, market expansion. As we evaluate emerging markets, organically grow the portfolio and acquire capabilities and contracts to establish a foothold in these adjacent markets, we also consider our clients' longer-term visions for reengineering their social programs and delivery models.

We aim Pictures At An Exhibition expansion that is a natural complement to our core services A Higher Level Of Pain. With several new wins and a pipeline of developing opportunities in key markets, we are making meaningful progress on strategic execution as we offer integrative solutions across our geographies.

We must, however, remain focused on winning work currently in our pipeline and reducing the levels of erosion on our existing portfolio. As I've previously discussed, we're executing a technology transformation in our business and in the solutions we provide our customers as part of our overall digital strategy.

Fundamentally, to deliver digital solutions, we must also transform Eventide platforms on which they Terror Shock delivered and the methods we employ to securely develop and operate these new solutions.

So today I want to start with our shift to a micro services architecture platform and the modernization efforts under way as we enhance our technology capabilities. We continue to make strategic investments to improve our competitiveness by modernizing the applications that underpin our core BPO services, while creating a modular set of new capabilities that can be deployed across our portfolio.

Our evolution toward micro services means we can better organize our technology delivery around our business capabilities and more quickly respond to customer requirements.

The micro services architecture allows a system to be divided into a number of smaller individual and independent services. Each service is flexible, robust, interchangeable and complete. This architecture means that are BPO services are extremely adaptable for use in multiple contexts. This is a key capability as our customers' needs evolve and we work to drive organic growth in new adjacent markets. From a client perspective, since services can be selected and assembled in various combinations to satisfy specific user requirements, we can vastly increase the speed with which we tailor our solutions.

As a result, this will dramatically slash start-up times to address clients' unique needs with highly configurable versus customized delivery. Micro services is not only changing the technology, but also our Hey There Delilah (Abbey Road Version) and methodologies.

It enables the entire ecosystem to be faster, more adaptable and more adaptive through strong standardization. This is a completely different and innovative model that merges business and technology. Such innovation is critical to successfully implement our strategic pillar of digital transformation. This shift supports growth beyond our current markets into adjacencies much more quickly, efficiently and effectively.

We have also sought to build on the momentum of our assessments and appeals business by turning our attention to broadening our clinical services capabilities. Under the state's reform efforts, MAXIMUS created a cost-effective, nonjudicial independent medical review, or IMR, to help control the cost of workers' compensation premiums that are charged to employers. The new clinical IMR model replaced the previous labor-intensive process that had required opposing medical experts to present testimony to nonclinical judges, who then rendered decisions.

The new model has produced dramatic results. Disputes about the medical treatment of injured workers are resolved in 10 days, down from an average of days under the previous approach. I'm very pleased to announce that as a result of the solution developed in California, we have further advanced this adjacency with the new award by the New York State Workers' Compensation Board to serve as their utilization review contractor, Erosion - Various - Heavy Comp Is Heavy: Volume One (File).

MAXIMUS is uniquely qualified to handle the highly variable volume of independent medical review requests and new drug formulary requirements under this program. As you may recall, our heritage in independent assessments, medical reviews and appeals started decades ago with our Medicare appeals work as a Qualified Independent Contractor or QIC. Appeal adjudication includes technical benefit review, medical necessity review and pre-decision conferences with appellants.

This win further demonstrates our ability to deliver an innovative solution and showcases our capability to handle large and complex volumes of appeals and assessments.

Under this program, veterans gain access to medical, dental and pharmacy services through licensed community healthcare providers when they are otherwise unable to receive care through local VA medical centers. We have once again been tapped to support the CCN program as a subcontractor.

Part of this work falls under the Mission Act, which seeks to strengthen the Flying In The Sky - Vulvator - Continuum Rs T (CDr, Album) VA Health Care System by empowering veterans with more healthcare options.

The demands of the program required the assistance of a supplier with demonstrated expertise in customer engagement centers and program administration operations. Under our contract, we will provide services that include Mission Act information support, authorization and medical documentation entry and veteran provider and VA inquiry support regarding a veteran's access to local providers. The current contract continues through January 1,and we are working toward a path supporting this program over the long term.

Within our U. The program provides able-bodied adults without dependents on the SNAP program, with opportunities to develop skills, training and experience so they can gain employment, avoid reliance on FoodShare benefits and meet federally mandated work requirements. Under the contract, MAXIMUS will provide tailored employment plans, case management services, business services, quality assurance, digital solutions and finance and human resources fulfillment.

As governments continue to see budget constraints with rising Erosion - Various - Heavy Comp Is Heavy: Volume One (File) from beneficiaries, MAXIMUS remains a prime partner for our clients to support long-term societal trends through efficient, effective and cost-conscious BPO service offerings. We anticipate additional integrated approaches for which MAXIMUS is well-suited as governments seek to address emerging policy priorities like the social determinants of health that we discussed last quarter.

Moving overseas to the United Kingdom. They also place us on the ground floor of devolved skills delivery in two of the most significant markets in the country and build upon our existing work and health program Love You Long Time - The Black Eyed Peas* - The Beginning (CD, Album) in London.

Moving on to new awards. Let's turn our attention to our pipeline of addressable sales opportunities. As a reminder, we modified our methodology at the beginning of the fiscal year to reflect the nature of the BPO business procurement cycle. Total contract value includes the base contract value specified within the contract and all priced options. Reporting on total contract value focuses our operations, business development and sales teams on long-term contracts and accordingly long-term value creation.

We currently expect the RFP in June ofand this rebid is one of our priorities. An integral part of returning the company to organic growth is converting our pipeline of addressable new sales opportunities into awards. Within our control are our efforts at marketing and shaping the opportunities, strategic partnering and teaming, and delivering a compelling and winning proposal. As I noted last quarter, as we expand our pipeline to include new customer departments and agencies, we don't expect to maintain historical win rates.

But we are pleased with the volume of opportunities we are seeing and hopeful that factors outside of our control such as procurement process decisions and protests, will keep opportunities moving toward adjudication. As budgets challenge government and new policy priorities and merge, MAXIMUS continues to evolve to meet the demands of our clients by offering effective and efficient services increasingly underpinned by digital solutions delivered through new technology platforms.

The teams are focused on executing our strategic market plan as seen by our new wins and, impressively, our expansion into adjacencies.

We are building upon our operational strength, providing clinical services to new customers and enhancing our Miłość To Jest Wszystko - Lady Pank - Maraton (CD, Album) platform to enable new digital solutions. We are winning new work and further developing our pipeline. MAXIMUS is an integral partner for our customers as they shape policy and subsequent program design to address long-term macro trends reflecting aging populations, labor skills and demand asymmetry, public health priorities and the integration of historically siloed employment and health programs.

We remain focused on delivering solid operational execution, which, in turn, provides strong cash generation, thus positioning us to respond to these emerging market opportunities.

Thank you. Your line is now live. Good morning. So congratulations on those. My first question is about organic growth. I'm wondering Come On Over you could share with us what the consolidated organic growth was for fiscal 3Q.

I think it was down about 8. Wasn't sure as I heard some of the pieces what that would be for the third quarter. It's Bruce. I'm going to ask Rick to take the first question there related to the organic growth in the quarter. Dave, we're going to file a form Q here today, later today. I think that was in my remarks. And so the difference is the net organic impact, which is about 3. Was that your question, Dave?


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  1. January 30th, Can You Predict Useful Barrel Life? Insights from Dan Lilja. Barrel-maker Dan Lilja’s website has an excellent FAQ page that contains a wealth of useful information. On the Lilja FAQ Page as you’ll find informed answers to many commonly-asked questions. For example, Dan’s FAQ addresses the question of barrel life.
  2. The effects of the erosion flux at different gas inlet velocities on gas-cyclone collection efficiency in the presence of an inner cone with h = 2Dcy and d = D are studied. The corresponding simulation results with one-way coupling as well as with two-way coupling are shown in Fig. It is observed that when the discrete phase effects (two Cited by:
  3. Full text of "A New Erosion Cycle in the Grand Canyon District, Arizona" See other formats Early Journal Content on JSTOR, Free to Anyone in the World This article is one of nearly , scholarly works digitized and made freely available to everyone in the world by JSTOR.
  4. The priority intervention, by the nurse, would be to assess the client's vital signs to note any alterations. Answer one is an example of catastrophizing. Dental erosion and caries are commonly found in a client with an eating disorder. Muscle weakness is also commonly found in a client with an eating disorder.
  5. Cold heavy-oil production with sand (CHOPS) exploits the finding that sand ingress can enhance the oil rate by an order of magnitude or more in heavy-oil UCSS. Pressure-pulsing technology (PPT) is a flow rate enhancement method introduced in heavy-oil fields that used CHOPS between and
  6. One or more ascenders hold the cavers weight while the unweighted ascender is moved up the rope. One of the articles deals with social life of some species such as pigeons and spiders, while another talks of why donkeys bray. For approaches, landings, and getting the sail out of the way while rowing, let go the sheet and haul on the brail.
  7. TRB Special Report Effects of Diluted Bitumen on Crude Oil Transmission Pipelines analyzes whether shipments of diluted bitumen have a greater likelihood of release from pipelines than shipments of other crude oils. The oil sands region of Canada is the source of diluted bitumen shipped by pipeline to the United States.
  8. Can monitor antennules flicks for response to orders in large crayfish. If one has Vernier LabPro (Vernier Software & Technology, SW Millikan Way, Beaverton, OR, , USA) equipment can be used to measure heart rate (high school kids only). Procedures and write up shown here (MS WORD FILE).
  9. Black Walnut. Juglandaceae -- Walnut family. Robert D. Williams. Black walnut (Juglans nigra), also called eastern black walnut and American walnut, is one of the scarcest and most coveted native hardwoods. Small natural groves frequently found in mixed .

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