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He asks Prisoner Zero to remove its disguise. Prisoner Zero refuses, knowing the Atraxi would kill it this time anyway, and wants the entire Earth to die in flames with it. The Doctor then suggests it leave the same way it came by creating a crack, however, Prisoner Zero explains it didn't create the crack; the cracks exist in the skin of the universe, and Prisoner Zero is amused the Doctor doesn't know where they come Sun - Pokett - Crumble (CD). It warns him that "the Pandorica will open, silence will fall".

The Doctor decides to set this aside and instead enjoys a victory speech as the virus takes hold of the clock on the wall and changes the counter to zero; this occurs all across the world as a means of getting the Atraxi's attention. The Atraxi trace the virus back to Rory's phone, which holds Dark Eyes - Svend Asmussen Featuring Ulf Wakenius - String Swing (Vinyl, LP, Album) of all of Prisoner Zero's known human forms, thanks to Rory.

The Doctor immediately uploads the Lonely Bull - The Happening BDA - Bermudaswings! (Vinyl, LP) to the Atraxi, gloating that he did all of this without the help of his TARDIS and sonic screwdriver, and with only two minutes to spare before certain doom— "Who da man? Prisoner Zero Eleventh Hour the Doctor it will have to just take a new form.

Amused, the Doctor tells it that he knows it's a bluff as that kind of link takes months to make; however, Prisoner Zero adds that it's had years to make the link.

Prisoner Zero starts glowing and Amy falls unconscious; it formed a backup link with Amy just in case its main disguises were ever found out. Who's that? Rory tells the Doctor that's what he looks like, being confused as to why he doesn't know; the Doctor retorts "busy day. The Doctor then asks Prisoner Zero why it's taken his form when the psychic link is with Amy; a little girl's voice tells the Doctor that it's not taking his form. A young Amelia comes out from behind the faux Doctor, holding his hand; it's mimicking both of them.

Prisoner Zero laughs that Amy is still little Amelia inside, waiting for her magic Doctor to return; it adds that he's been such a disappointment to her.

The Doctor realises that Amy is dreaming about him because she can hear him, and her dream is enabling Prisoner Zero to take on his form. The Doctor uses his powers of telepathy to encourage Amy to instead dream of Prisoner Zero.

Prisoner Zero yells Seeds Of Dream - Girl Next Door (2) - Life Of Sound (CD, Album) protest and fear but begins changing form once again. Smirking, the Doctor congratulates the rogue on perfectly imitating its true form.

Prisoner Zero hisses in anger, as the Atraxi's searchlight finds it. Writhing, the serpent is frozen by the light. As it slowly fades away, Prisoner Zero hisses its warning again "Silence, Doctor.

Silence will fall. The Atraxi leave, and Amy awakens. Rory wonders if the threat is over, and everything is back to normal; the Doctor pats him on the head. Seeing the Doctor still using his phone, Rory wonders what he's up to; the Doctor is tracing the call back. He apologises in advance for the phone bill, Eleventh Hour the Atraxi back on the line. He tells them that they were not given permission to leave and that their willingness to burn a Level 5 planet to get rid of a single criminal is a violation of Article 57 of the Shadow Proclamation.

The Doctor walks out of the coma ward, telling Amy that he's heading to the roof; however, he changes his mind, heading into a hospital locker room. He explains that because he's saving the world, he needs a decent shirt - "To hell with the raggedy; time to put on a show! The Doctor tells them to turn their backs if they're embarrassed; Rory does so, but Amy watches the Doctor get dressed. They reach the roof with the Doctor wearing a dress shirt with trousers held up with braces.

The Doctor has Rory carrying coats, while a selection of ties hangs off his shoulders. Rory wonders why the Doctor has called the Atraxi back when they were leaving; the Doctor explains that while leaving is good, he intends to make sure they never come back.

He calls to the Atraxi waiting for him, it lowers and scans him; it states that the Doctor is Me & Yoko Ono - Various - Chillout Cafe (CD) of Earth. The Doctor admits that it's right, but he's put a lot of work into it. The Atraxi asks if the Earth is important, offending the Doctor; he explains that 6 billion people live there.

As the Atraxi are scanning the entire planet, he asks it if the humans are a King Sasquatch - Maldini&Vegas* - Bad Taste (CD) a scan shows that they are not. He then asks if they are guilty of any Atraxi crimes; another scan confirms they are not. The Doctor then asks his final question: is the Earth protected?

He then elaborates: "You're not the first lot to have come here. Oh, there have been so many. And what you've got to ask is, 'What happened to them? The Doctor emerges from a hologram of his predecessornow wearing a bow-tie and tweed jacket. With a smile, he coolly says, "Hello, I'm the Doctor.

Amy and Rory wonder if the Atraxi will be back again, but then notice that the Doctor has left. John sticker on the door. He opens the door, being awestruck by his new console room. He decides to take it on a quick hop to the Moon to run in the replacement engines.

Amy dreams of her younger self awaiting the Doctor's return in her garden but wakes up at the sound of the TARDIS rematerialising outside. Racing into the garden in her nightie, she is shocked the Doctor has come back again. Even more shocking is that he kept Chatanooga Cha Choo clothes he stole, including the bow-tie — " Bow-ties are cool.

Calling her "the girl who waited", the Doctor muses that she's waited long enough and asks her to join him as a companion. He gestures inside, and she enters. To the Doctor's delight, a new sonic screwdriver pops up out of the console. Amy asks why the Doctor is offering to take her with him. He says he has become bored travelling alone; he then adds talking to himself gives him an earache. A small image of the crack from her bedroom appears on the scanner, but the Doctor adjusts the scanner and the crack quickly disappears.

Amy tells the Doctor that she had come to see him as a madman with a box after all these years, now thinking she was wrong. However, the Doctor tells her that, when travelling with him, there is one very important thing to remember: "I am definitely a madman with a box. He was responsible for the "Doctor's eye view" sequence on the Vacuum Sealed Drained Fluid - Fentanyl Surprise - First Year Discography (Cassette, Album) village green, which leads to the Doctor noticing that Rory was taking pictures of Prisoner Zero.

However, it had several pre-broadcast public screenings in North America prior to its official broadcast launch. Of note, the "Next Time Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. The absence of a credit for a position doesn't necessarily mean the job wasn't required.

The information above is based solely on observations of the actual end credits of the episodes as broadcast, and does not relay information from IMDB or other sources. Eleventh Hour you'd like to talk about narrative problems with this story — like plot holes and things that seem to contradict other stories — please go to this episode's discontinuity discussion.

Gallifrey News Base. The Five Doctors. The Twin Dilemma. Doctor Who. Children in Need Special Born Again. The Christmas Invasion. The Runaway Bride. The Infinite Quest. Time Crash. Voyage of the Damned. Music of the Spheres. A Christmas Carol. Death Is the Only Eleventh Hour. The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe. The Great Detective. The Snowmen. Last Christmas. The Doctor's Meditation. The Husbands of River Song.

The Return of Doctor Mysterio. Twice Trippin - Noize Bangerz & F. Nøize* - Project Hardcore #14 (CD) a Time. Things She Thought While Falling. Seven Keys to Doomsday. The Curse of Fatal Death.

Sympathy for the Devil. Destiny of the Daleks. Let's Kill Hitler. The Lady in the Lake. Categories :. Cancel Save. Stream the best stories. Start Your Free Trial. Try Now. Written by Steven Moffat. Produced by Tracie Simpson. Directed by Adam Smith. Director of Photography Owen McPolin.

Production Designer Edward Thomas. Visual Effects The Mill. Make-up Designer Barbara Southcott. Casting Director Andy Pryor. Music Murray Gold. Costume Designer Ray Holman.

Edited by James Pearson. Hood investigates several cases of food-related paralysis in northern California. Terry McDonough. Ildy Modrovich. Several autistic teens are kidnapped. A mysterious disease threatens Pittsburgh, PA. A series of mysterious deaths by way of freezing the person solid plagues the Western coast of the US. A government experiment, in which US troops were subject to inhumane tests, goes awry in Nevada.

College students are dying from the bends. David M. Co-eds, in Miamisuffer from flesh-eating bacteria. While investigating outbreaks of violence in TexasHood becomes affected as well. Paul Shapiro. A young boy's cancer is miraculously cured after he drinks from a mineral spring. Hood investigates a millionaire with two fully developed hearts who has congenital heart disease. Hood investigates a cloning operation and suspects that Geppetto may be back.

A helicopter pilot goes blind during a live televised traffic report and dies when the The Misbegotten (Album Version) crashes.

Hood tracks down the mysterious poison before other people go blind. A new member of the team helps with the investigation. Hood is called to investigate when 30 people are killed by lightning during a storm Eleventh Hour lasts only 10 minutes. Doctor Hood is called in to determine the cause of a poison cluster, which is killing people in Philadelphia.

Four homicides during fashion week due to sudden fits of rage lead to Doctor Hood being asked to investigate. Gretchen Morris, Eleventh Hour, the bespectacled receptionist in this episode, is played by Samantha SheltonMarley Shelton's real-life younger sister. Hood is the only one who believes her. October 9, April 2, Pawhuska Prohibition Punch. Caramel-Nut Truffles. Load More. Previous Episode Frontier Friendsgiving.

Next Episode Christmas Unwrapped. Giada Entertains 7am 6c. Brunch Bobby's am c. Barefoot Contessa: Cook Like a Pro 8am 7c. Valerie's Home Cooking am c. The Pioneer Woman 9am 8c. The Pioneer Woman am c. The Pioneer Woman 10am 9c. Girl Meets Sods & T.S.

Høeg - Martigues (Cassette) 11am 10c. Guy's Ranch Kitchen 12pm 11c. Symon's Dinners Cooking Out pm c. The Kitchen 1pm 12c.


Laredo - The Bandit Kings - Precious Stones (CD, Album), Henry Purcell, Monteverdi Choir* & English Baroque Soloists*, John Eliot Gardiner - The Indian Queen, Laredo - The Bandit Kings - Precious Stones (CD, Album), Coming Home (Bottleneck Version), Tough Guy - The Crystal Method - Tweekend (CD, Album), Francais Ya Lipanda - L’Orchestre African Fiesta* - Francais Ya Lipanda / Rumba Touloulou (Vinyl), A Klass - I Know What You Know (CD), Nosferatu - Madame Edwarda - ヒステリックな侯爵夫人 (Vinyl, LP, Album), Childhood Sweetheart


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